Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suprema Xtra 350 - Monthly Payment Plan (MPP)

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Please find the info as below:

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Are you a smart consumer?

Today if you buy one thing and free many things, are you ok with it? That many things are not those cheap cheap thing...but very worth to have it! ;)

I think everyone also got Insurance protection such as Life protection & Medical card.

But, do you know what you bought?

Do you know what's the benefits you have?

Is that sufficient for you to use it when necessary?

Do you have a Quality Insurance?

We are doing 1 STOP Healthcare + Protection Program.

We provide a Quality Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance from Pacific Insurance(PIB) which is up to RM600,000 for your life time. It's GUARANTEED RENEWAL!!

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~Above Medical Protection from PIB will free attached a Personal Accident Protection as mentioned.

With this you will get many benefits as below:

Medical Checkup from Pathlab

1. FREE Comprehensive Health Screening (45 Test) - Worth RM200 / 1 time

2. FREE Cancer Marker Screening - Worth RM250 / 1 time

3. FREE Follow up Test - Worth RM50 / 1 time

Oversea Protection

4. FREE ISOS Full Membership - Worth RM 3000+ / 2 years

Healthy Lifestlye

5. FREE gym - Worth RM100+ / 1 month

When you wanna spend in......

6. Enjoy Discount from 20% - 50% when you spend in Pathlab (Blood Test & Health Supplement)

7. Enjoy Hospital Admission Travelling Benefits (RM300 cash allowance or 2 Air Asia return tickets) - Eg. If you stay at Sabah and go to any one Medical Centre at KL for Surgical purposes, you may redempt 2 Air Asia tickets for your transportation.

8. Enjoy Food & Beverage Discount 10% - 50% (Marco's Restaurant, King Crab Restaurant & Titanium Bar & Dance Club)

When you wanna visit a doctor.....

9. Enjoy 10% Discount when you visit to Medijaya Panel of Clinics.

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NOW.....HOW MUCH per month you guess if you would like to subscribe about program?

RM200? RM300? RM400??

Kindly refer to below membership fee according to your age.

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*Second people to subscribe the program will follow Supplementary price which is more cheaper. (Maximum up to 3 peoples only)
*People who under 25 yrs old can enjoy Junior price. (The people must be kids of Principal)

Eg. A family & friend subscribe Package Suprema 350
Principal - Husband (28 yrs old) = RM118
1st Supplementary - Wife (28 yrs old) = RM98
2nd Supplementary - Husband's sister (26 yrs old) = RM98
3nd Supplementary - Husband's friend (25 yrs old) = RM98
Junior - Kids (3 yrs old) = RM68

Extra & Optional
You may get Life Protection, Personal Accident Proctection & 36 Critical Illnesses Protection from MCIS Zurich as below. It's GUARANTEED RENEWAL too!!

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There is basically have 4 level which is Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond.
You may add it base on your financial status and the fees are as below.




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Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Start!

First of all...congratulation to myself have a new start of my life...
Creating this blog actually want to share something good and doing simple business...
Welcome everyone to give me some comments or opinion or feedback no matter good or bad...coz I need to adjust it every time & every where to get improvement and make it more better & better... :)

Just a simple mindset of in my brain now...
Sharing a good thing to everyone...
Will feel happy if I manage to help someone...
Learning and improving myself from time to time...

I..... enjoying my life now~ would like to continuing enjoy it~
How about YOU? :P